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Earth and Beyond

In our first science topic we have looked at the different planets that make up our solar system.  We looked at the lengths of different planets obits and the Moons orbit around the Earth.

Forest Schools

This year we make a number of trips to Healy Dell.  During this trip we looked at the history of Healy Dell and why it was such an important place.  Whilst being in the forest we did lots of fun, creative activities including printing, dyeing and wood turning

Its all Greek to me

In our first topic of Year 5 we are looking at Greece, both ancient and modern.  We have looked at the geography of Greece and how it has changed over time.  We investigated Greek sports and made some Greek pots depicting these different sports

Christmas pop up toy

As part of out design and technology topic we made pop up toys.  These toy used a cam to make a puppet pop up and down when a handle was turned.  We had to cut the axles to the correct length and drill a hole through the cam.  We then decorated the box, added a background and made a puppet.


Regardless what our cycling level was we all got chance to practise our riding and learn many important skills.  Some of us went out onto the local roads to learn how to ride safely."

Fashionable Fun

As part of out Fashionable Fun topic we learnt about different materials that clothes can be made from.  We looked at how designs have changed over time and what influenced them.  We also made our own tie die bags, kipper ties and jackets.

Fashion show

After making our bags, ties and waistcoats we all went into the interactive room and put on a fashion show.  We got to walk down the cat work showing off what we made

Mamma Mia

Our last topic was called Mamma Mia, in it we learnt about Italy.  We looked at the geography of Italy, the rivers, mountains and cities.  We specifically looked at the story of Romeo and Juliet which is set in Italy.  We all helped to cook an Italian pasta dish, this included lots of healthy vegetables