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No matter what our cycling level was we all got chance to practise our riding and learn many important skills.  Some of us went out onto the local roads to learn how to ride safely

The Earth and Beyond

This terms science topic was all about the solar system.  We investigated how the earth moves around the sun along with the other planets and how the moon orbits the earth.  Some of the facts we found out were why the moon looks different each night, why we have leap years, how long different orbits take and how it effects the seasons

Heritage Day

We had a fantastic time at All Saints Church on Heritage Day.  We got to look around the church at many interesting things we have never noticed before.  As well as learning about the church building we discovered more about the important features inside the church and what they are used for.

Healey Dell

We visited Healy Dell to learn more about our local environment and why Rochdale was such an important place during the Industrial Revolution.  As well as discovering the history of Healey Dell we looked at the different plants and trees and found out about their different uses.

Expressive Arts Day

During our Expressive Arts Topic Day we did lots of fun activities.  We recreated famous pieces of art in different styles, we created our own dance and made 3D elephant toys


We took part in lots of different activities over the Christmas period.  We designed and made pop up toys, These had different moving parts inside such as a cam, a cam follower and an axle.

We printed Christmas card, we did this by cutting our design out of a polystyrene tile and printing the design onto paper.

We also created holly leaf gift tags using cross stitch.

As well as these creative things the made a Christingle.  We then had a whole school assembly in with we thought about the real meaning of Christmas and why it is such an important time

Google Expedition

We all got to experience a 'Google Expedition'.  This was a virtual reality tour around different places.   We visited different places we had learnt about in our Greek Topic.  One of our recent science topics had been about the planets and the moon so we got to visit the moon and see what it would be like there

Mamma Mia

Our last topic was called Mamma Mia, in it we learnt about Italy.  We looked at the geography of Italy, the rivers, mountains and cities.  We specifically looked at the story of Romeo and Juliet which is set in Italy.  We all helped to cook an Italian pasta dish, this included lots of healthy vegetables