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Heritage Day

For Heritage Day this year we visited All Saints church. We took part in a fact hunt around the church and learnt about different facts to do with the church.

Harvest Festival

For this years Harvest Festival we all brought in tins of food for the Rochdale food  bank. We also did activities on class to celebrate to festival. We made stained glass windows in the shape of Autumn leaves, made our own fruit baskets and made our own corn.

Ancient Egypt - How to mummify the dead

In our topic we are studying the Ancient Egyptians. We looked at how they mummified the dead and sent their spirit to the after life.

Ancient Egypt - Canopic Jars

While looking at the process of mummification we made our own canopic jars out of clay. We had to roll out the clay then cut out a rectangle. Next we rolled it into a jar shape then made a lid and designed the sides of it using hieroglyphics and then painted them.

Ancient Egypt - Reed boats

We investigated how Ancient Egyptians made boats to travel along the River Nile. We had to find ways to bend the sticks to make boat shapes that would be stable on a river.

Ancient Egypt - Making amulets

We made our own amulets from clay that the Ancient Egyptians made. We made an Ankh and the Eye of Horus.

Ancient Egypt - Crook and Flail

We made crooks and flails out of paper by tightly rolling them into shape then designed them with our own patterns. We posed like Pharaohs holding what we had made.

Renaissance Art

For art day in year 4 we looked at Renaissance art. We made our own masquerade masks by painting and adding our own designs. Also we recreated renaissance architecture out of clay and drew Da Vinci's Adam like he did it in the Sistine chapel.

PE - Gymnastics

This term we have been focusing on gymnastics. Particularly looking at balances and different types of rolls.

Science - Solid, liquid or gas

We did an investigation to see what were the properties of certain materials and then labelled them as solids, liquids and gasses.

Science - Investigating how to weigh gas

We did an investigation into how to weigh air by blowing up balloons and using a balance tested if they tilted the balance towards the bigger balloons or the smaller balloons.

Google Expedition

Using virtual reality headsets we all explored the 7 wonders of the world. It was great fun but made us all a little bit dizzy during it.

Class assembly - Facing your fear

We did our own assembly to the rest of the school about facing your fears. We used the bible story of David and Goliath as our example to never give up.

Science - The digestive system

In science we have been looking at the main processes that take place inside our body when we eat food. We drew around each others bodies and then placed the organs in the correct positions on the bodies.

Science - investigating what teeth we have

We have been looking at the 2 sets of teeth we have; milk teeth and adult teeth, and also what type of teeth we have in our mouths. In our mouths we have Incisions, canines and molars.