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Aut 1 Half Term Plan

Aut 1 Egyptians Homework

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We have been looking at the artist Matisse and at his different techniques he used to create pictures.

Ancient Egypt - How to mummify the dead

We had a very interesting lesson on how the Ancient Egyptians mummified their dead. The way they took out the brain was a lot of our favourite bits.

Emergency first aid training

Everyone in Year 4 learnt how to check if someone was breathing if they had been badly hurt and what to do if they weren't breathing whilst they waited for help to arrive.

Ancient Egypt - Canopic jars and reed boats

We learnt during the process of mummification they used canopic jars to store the organs they took out in. We made our own using clay and then painted them. We also looked at how they travelled up and down the River Nile using reed boats and we made our own of these as well.