Gallery  Click on the photo to open up a slide show / larger view Hi, I'm Mrs O’Malley, Year 3 Teacher and this is Mrs Wood and Miss Allatt our Teaching Assistants. Welcome to Year 3's page. Look here to find out about the exciting activities we have being taking part in. Mrs Wood Year 3 T/A MrsO’Malley Year 3 Teacher


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Miss Allatt Year 3 T/A (am)

In Science  we were 'Rock Detectives'. We investigated the different rocks around school  and their different  properties.

We went to visit church  for Heritage   week and were inspired to create our own stained glass windows. We   also thought  about what peace meant and created  doves to represent this .  

Year 3  enjoyed a trip to the Touchstones museum. We travelled back in time to the Stone Age period where we explored how people lived. We looked at what they ate and how they hunted for food.

We discovered cave paintings inside the caves and painted our own . We also made our own clay pots .

During our Rolling stones topic, we looked at how and why Stone henge  was built. We built our own models and sketched pictures using charcoal.

For our expressive arts day,year3 looked at the work of Jackson Pollock. We created our own individual pictures and worked together to create a large scale picture. We enjoyed splashing, squirting and rolling the paint around.

Our science topic was the power of force. We looked at different forces and then looked at magnets . We tested then strength of magnets by looking at how many pieces of paper a magnet could hold and by  looking at how many  paper clips a magnet held. We also explored the magnetic fields surrounding magnets and if they attract or repel.

KS2 were lucky to experience the use of virtual reality technology. Google expeditions  came to visit us with virtual reality headsets and we experienced being underwater and seeing different types of fish up close.