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Autumn 2 half term 2017

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Autumn 1 half term 2017

Autumn 1 homework sheet

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Mrs Berry  Year 2 T/A pm Mrs Mushtaq  Year 2 T/A Mrs O’Malley Year 2 Teacher

Art activities in Autumn 1 half term.

We have been learning about plants and seeds in this half term. we now know the process of germination and have planted some beans.

In this half of the term year 2 have been learning about celebrations.

Here we have some pictures of some of the activities to share.

We enjoyed making poppies for remembrance day and angles in our RE lessons. We also made candle holders with clay and paper lanterns. we learnt to sew snowmen puppets and decorated them.

ICT Lessons

We had a mad scientist around, who experimented some exciting things.

 Father Christmas visited us with lots of presents!

We learnt about the Great Fire of London, when a member of Fresh water Theatre company visited us this week. We travelled back in time and enjoyed acting out.