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Autumn 1 half term 2017 Reception

Autumn 2 half term 2017 Reception

We have had a super start to the new school year. We are enjoying coming to school every day and we're already making lots of new friends!

Teeth cleaning - We had a visit today from Kelly who talked to us about looking after our teeth. We learnt about cleaning our teeth regularly and about which foods and drinks were good for our teeth.

Miss Wright  Reception Teacher Foundation Stage Co-ordinator Mrs Partington Nursery & Reception T/A Mrs Stonier Nursery Teacher Mrs Zabar Nursery & Reception T/A

Bonfire party - We had lots of fun at our bonfire party. We had black peas, Parkin and hot potatoes.

Children in need - We dressed up for children in need day and raised lots of money.

Baking buns - Today we made buns with Mrs Partington.


Snowy day - We had a wonderful time plating in the snow today.

Feed the birds - We made bird feeders to hang in our garden.

Mrs Talbot Nursery Teacher

A visit from Elsa the tortoise

We have been looking at the story 'Ridiculous' which is all about a tortoise. We were very lucky and had a very special visit from a real tortoise called Elsa.

We took good care of her by feeding her salad and painting her beautiful shell with oil to make it shiny.

Look at our beautiful display!! We have been learning all about patterns and could make lovely circle artwork just like Elsa's circles on her shell. We used bright colours for our artwork after looking at Kandinsky paintings.

Grandparents day - We had a wonderful time when our Grandparents came to visit.

Family reading - This week was the first session for parents to join their Nursery children for a shared reading time. The children chose a book to share with their family member. They really enjoyed the time and we will do it all again next week!

Mums and Aunties day - We had a wonderful time when our Mums and Aunties came to play. Take a look at the photos.

Farm trip - We had a brilliant time at the farm. The sun shone and everybody was very well behaved. We enjoyed rides on the donkey's, feeding the lambs and goats and holding all the small animals.

Hatching eggs - The farmer delivered 9 eggs to our classroom for us to look after. We watched them carefully and were very excited when the shells began to crack. Overnight 9 chicks hatched from the eggs. We have loved every minute of caring for them, handling them and stroking their feathers. Have a look at the photos to see us with the chicks.

Wedding - as part of our Royal Wedding celebrations we held our own wedding. It was such a fantastic afternoon. Please take a look at our wedding album!

Sports day - we had a fantastic time on sports day. The sun shone and lots of our parents, family members and friends came to watch us.