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Newsletter Autumn 1

Topic Web All Saints Autumn 1

Starting school - we have had a great start to our school year. Take a look at the photos to see just what we have been doing.

Learning about oral health - Kelly came in to talk to us about looking after our teeth. We learnt about healthy foods and about brushing our teeth in the morning and at bedtime. We used Croc's big toothbrush to clean his teeth.

Miss Allatt Nursery T/A (pm)

We have been observing and painting Autumn leaves.

Autumn arts - We had an arts and crafts day where we thought about Autumn and the changes that take place in the natural world. We made dance sticks to use during our dance sessions, conker creatures and homes for them, Autumn crowns and buntings and Autumn tree paintings. It was lots of fun and we learnt so much!

January - Here are some photos of the things that we have been doing this month.

Police visit - We were very excited today as the police came to visit. We asked them lots of questions and they told us all about their job.

Mums and Aunties Day - We had a lovely time when our Mums and Aunties came to play. The sun shone and we played inside and outside. Thank you for visiting us at school.

Art day - We had fun today making lots of weather related arts and crafts. We learnt about creation and God's wonderful world.

We had a Maths day - We did lots of maths activities which related to the story of Goldilocks and the three bears.

Easter bonnet parade -  We had a great time today parading around in the lovely hats and bonnets that we had made at home. Lots of our families came to watch, it was brilliant!

Thank you to everybody who helped to make a hat or bonnet for their child.

Trip to the farm - Our Reception class went to Smithills Farm in Bolton. We travelled on a coach, had a picnic lunch and took part in lots of exciting activities. Take a look at the photos to see what we did.

Daily Mile - Our children are enjoying running for 15 minutes each day following the introduction of the Daily Mile initiative. Take a look at photos of the Nursery and Reception children taking part in their daily mile.

Dads and Uncles day - We had such a fun time when our Dads and Uncles came to play. Thank you for visiting us at school, we had such a fantastic time!

M6 Theatre came in to school on 30/6/17 to perform "One Little Word" to the Nursery children and parents. It was a fantastic experience for the children and the adults